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Hi from all the team!

Hi to one and all – and welcome to my brand new blog! This is where I plan to keep everyone updated on the latest news and views from Love Teeth, Wedding Smiles and my other brands.

It feels great to finally have an online home!

I guess it would make sense to kick off the new blog by filling readers in on what I’ve been up to over recent months. The problem is that I’ve been so busy, I don’t know where to begin!

Shannon’s Success Story

There’s no better feeling than when patients feel I’ve done fantastic work. So, it’s brilliant to have had a successful case featured in the national press recently.

And not once but twice!

Visitors to my website will already be aware of 26-year-old Shannon Wilde from Epsom.


A profound dental phobia meant that Shannon’s appointment with me at Love Teeth was her first visit to the dentist in more than 20 years.

She had been using clip-on veneers to hide the state of her teeth from her partner. 

Too embarrassed to take them out, Shannon often left the veneers in for days at a time, causing her smile to fall into a state of advanced decay. Poor Shannon was also in constant pain.

It took a nine-month course of treatment to turn Shannon’s dental fortunes around, using Invisalign and crowns.

Treatment not only rehabilitated Shannon’s smile – it also helped her to understand the importance of dental hygiene for the first time and encouraged her to overcome a lifelong phobia.

Here’s a link to the story over at The Sun website.

And here’s The Daily Mail’s coverage.